Sometimes we’re really rather simple here, I know.  But there are enough complicated things in life!  (Whether The Student will ever hook up with a Christian community, whether he’ll actually be healed of his Crohn’s, how this year’s Club service project is going to work, etc. etc.)  This is the spot to be simple on purpose–as a way of resting.  The Mom heard a great sermon once, about how we need a little bit of “sabbath” in every day, as well as the larger one each week.  So–

Good things about today:

  • The sun is brightening up the clouds (amazing how quickly that can shoo away the “blah’s”!)
  • The Mom may actually remember to take pictures at the Bowling Event tonight, at Club.

Best things about yesterday:

  • There was lots of time to get the reference-proofing ALMOST done!
  • The dentist fixed a filling in 15 minutes, with no freezing; plus, he & his helper are always such jokers–could make you WANT to have a dentist appointment. (HA!)
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