greatness and brightness

Sing with me:
How great
is our God!
And all will see… how great,
How great–is our God!

Our world is filled with glow this morning:  the bright moon on one side, the sun rising on the other side, The Mom glowing on the inside!  (That’s because she LOST ONE POUND!)

Of course, you know what a sun-brilliant day means, at this time of year:  minus 14 Celsius today, to be exact.  That’s as it should be, how else could we appreciate the spring when it comes?

“Trust the past to God’s mercy,
the present to God’s love
and the future to God’s providence.”
(Augustine, fourth-century bishop)

YESTERDAY:  We talked to a really nice guy at the courthouse (The Student has to learn court reporting next week); TODAY:  picking up 300 copies of the LENTEN DEVOTIONAL BOOKLET!!!

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