still looking for an answer…

(Just while you’re all waiting on the edge of your seats for today’s “sermon notes”, here’s something The Mom had on facebook yesterday).  The question is:


Anyone for a pet mouse?

We were putting out mouse poison (since obviously it was not going to die from eating toilet paper), but it seemed the mouse just kept on coming back for more. So back to the store for better mouse poison, or something. There we found this Mouse Trap to top all mouse traps: it says it will catch up to 10 mice, and no bait is needed. Only $18.75.

Turns out you wind up this thing, and it’s supposed to suck in the mice (it twirls around, like a sort of trap door). Well, they weren’t coming, so had to go get more mouse poison anyway, to attract them to the trap.

Well, that worked, except… the mouse isn’t dead. We were wondering what would kill them, maybe suffocation or something. But, no. Sam says it must be one of these humane mouse traps.

Humane mouse traps!?  What are you supposed to do, drive them out to the country and let them go? It doesn’t say anything about any of this anywhere on the box it came in!

The guys say I should put it out of its misery and flush it down the toilet, but–what if it kinda swerves, and lands on me, or something? And–will it really flush down, or won’t it keep swimming and trying to come up? Yikes!

Anyone for a pet mouse????”

The Mom hasn’t checked today to see if it’s still alive, but she’s sort of getting ready to try the flushing.  She won’t let me have it, since it has been eating poison.  And it takes me awhile, after all, since I just play with them til they have a heart attack.

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