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The topic of today’s list is – Give Me Five vacation destinations you’ve already enjoyed or would like to some day.

1. Yellowstone Park
There’s a lot more there than just Old Faithful–many different geysers, and each one is very different; as well as bubbling pots, plus the “regular” sort of nature (forests, rivers, grizzlies, etc.!!)  Absolutely amazing.

2. Banff & Jasper, Alberta
Very touristy, of course, but the Rockies are WONDERFUL.

3. Caribbean Cruise–one of the few times The Mom was surprised by a Christmas gift (’cause she’s so good at guessing)–and what a FANTASTIC trip it was! SUCH delicious food, constantly, and the entertainment, and the SEA, and, and…

4. Myrtle Beach
The trailers are packed in side by side, and the air is filled with the sound of air conditioners going–but you can still hear the waves nearby! 

5. Louisburg, Nova Scotia, and Williamsburg, Virginia
I know, we cheated and got 2 in here, but they’re similar (though very different)–both HUGE historical parks where the “actor-guides” do a great job of bringing you back in history, and both with TONs of historical-type events/things to do!
(don’t know why, we had trouble getting the “bold” off, above… believe it or not, it’s trying to tell me it’s not in bold… oh well!)

This is similar to our other list a couple of days ago, and by the way–Nanny & Pappy are GOING TO THE GRAND CANYON!! YAY!!

Thanks Boss, for the absolute WONDER of Your creation–in nature as well as through man!

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