got your infusion?

Feeling kind of saturnine this morning, we’d like to be able to just sit here all day listening to the canorous sound of the wind! (We subscribe to TWO “words of the day”. ;)

Seems like nothing out of the ordinary at all, is happening.  The Mom gets her daily duties done (poetry: alliteration!), and then spends time fixing up the reference book The Student needs.  It wasn’t too badly scanned, it’s just that he really needs it to be perfect.  And no way will the publisher make any kind of electronic version available–which even sighted people would love (it would be so much more searchable, then).  Oh well, at least it is now going a little faster than she’d thought it would.

Seems like a good day for a memory verse picture.

Meanwhile, we’re thinking on a theme for Lenten posts (ONE WEEK AWAY!)  How about this:  so many things that seem bad, turn out for good, or have their good aspects… could we name & explain one for each of the 40 days?  OR–do YOU have any ideas for Lenten-theme posts?

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