no longer a little girl

Well, that’s what happens when you boast about never catching a cold!  Now The Mom gets to feel sorry for herself, so that’s fun.  At least there’s a bright, sunny morning + coffee day, to keep her from being too irascible!

Best things about yesterday:

  • She zoomed through the reference-proofing, and is almost half finished!
  • Last night at Club… one of the girls did this energetic dance in time to one of her favourite songs, with lots of jumping, some summer-salts, and a lot of great moves–whoaaa!!  What happened to our sweet little thing that used to live next door??  The Mom had noticed before, just by the way she moves to music, that she’s good at dancing–she’s also AMAZING at creating the whole dance; yes, she made it all up herself!  But one other thing about it… this 12-yr.-old needs protecting.  I mean, Mom, Dad, big brother:  don’t let her roam anywhere that there might be wolves!  It may be hard to see when you’re with her every day, but believe me, she’s not just a kid anymore.
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