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(psst! V – E – T day!)

Well, The Student passed his grammar test, The Dad passed his sugar test (not having brown sugar on your cereal every morning helped!), The Mom is wondering what test she can pass.  Maybe the “waiting test”–waiting for April, to start … Continue reading

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“Happy Birthday Patches”…. and GRAMMAR

*chuckle*Last night at Club House (the midweek children’s ministry The Mom coordinates), word had got round that she’d had a birthday last weekend (no kidding!)  Now, it happened that half the kids were at the church, and half the kids … Continue reading

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some things need fire

Seeing the problems that other people’s friends are having, reminds us of problems of friends in our own world.  We’re talking marriage problems.  (The original intention for our Lenten theme was not to get TOO heavy, but we seem to … Continue reading

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BY REQUEST: RECIPE for Onion Rings (delicious!)

Heat 1 inch of olive oil to 375 F (’til cold water flicked on it sizzles; or, you can use a candy thermometer. I found the setting had to be constantly adjusted.)  I used a small pot the first time, … Continue reading

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4 weeks to go!

We’ll try to make it a quick one for today, since we’re late (again!) OK, this one has been “lurking”:  Bad Thing #18: MORE snow!!  (We’ve had a snow storm involved in one of our “bad things” before, and MAYBE … Continue reading

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that’s what happens when you live with TWO computer experts…

When they think it’s time you had a new computer, you don’t have a say–you don’t even get to say what kind of computer, since they’re the experts and they know best!  Never mind that the one you have is … Continue reading

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“sermon in shoes…”

It’s rather interesting that we made that comment in our last post: “assuming The Mom will be hearing a sermon…”  We did not know at that time, that she would NOT be hearing a sermon, exactly… There used to be … Continue reading

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wishes ARE kisses!

The Mom discovered a great benefit to Facebook yesterday:  so many people saw it was her birthday, and sent wishes–even cousins she hardly ever hears from!  And speaking of such things, what a variety of wishing there was, in one … Continue reading

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how we love to act… “young”!

Today we’ll sort of stretch things just a little, and The Mom feels she’s allowed–since the first thing she wants to stretch is how old she is as of today; she wants to switch the digits around and say she’s … Continue reading

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weakness, little ones, and grandparents…

OK, we’re on Bad Thing #15–yes, believe it or not!  And that’s not counting the Sundays, since every Sunday is a “little Easter”!  We just want to match today’s to a nice verse we have, and then share something else.  … Continue reading

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