Happy Snow-Day!!

It’s a NEW MONTH!!  And New Snow for a New Month!  Gosh, how much more excitement can we take? :P

In case anyone is trying to remember just what month it is–tomorrow is the day we hope for clouds, and no shadows…

We always find it interesting that many people on our friends-list seem to get the same weather we do; we tend to think of Wisconsin and Illinois as being farther away.  Anyway, we’ve delayed The Student’s “care package” ’til tomorrow, being wise about driving downtown in snowstorms–however, Costco and Swiss Chalet is very close to us for tonight, and we do have 4-wheel-drive… so why not go out to play?

Meanwhile, we’ll pick out one of Pappy’s kazillion winter pictures for you. (You don’t need to waste time waiting for it, Pappy!)

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