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Yesterday’s post works right into today’s sermon notes!  In a sermon (FULL OF MEAT) about the Transfiguration (it’s “Transfiguration Sunday”, in case you didn’t know), Rob pointed out that the mountaintop is “no place to pitch a tent.”  That amazing event (Matthew 17) of God showing Himself to the disciples by the appearance of Elijah and Moses talking with Jesus, surrounded by glory, and finishing with the cloud & Voice saying “This is My Beloved Son, listen to Him”, was not a glorious ending–but just a beginning.  For it was after this, that Jesus began to talk to the disciples about what He must suffer.  We too, when we have our mountain-top experiences, must eventually come away from it and continue on in our mission.  These experiences are like a glimpse into the future–looking forward to the day when it will finally be like that eternally; and each Sunday is like a little glimpse of it.  Each “high” should re-energize us to continue on, til that Day when the Work will be complete.

You know you’re getting some “meat” in a sermon, if even after years of Bible study and sitting in church, etc., you can learn something new.  Today it was the truth about the Trinity:  how some Christians lately are tending towards separating the three entities of the Trinity, saying God is responsible for creation, Jesus is the One who saves us, and the Holy Spirit is the One who works through us…. Amazing how something can sound so good and yet be so wrong.  All three are involved in all of it, since we do not worship 3 gods.  We read just this morning in another spot, the verse that talks about Jesus being involved in creation.  He is the perfect representation of the Father, and the Holy Spirit reveals to us:  Jesus.  And God the Father gave His only Son for our salvation… it just goes on and on.

Rob did well in pointing out how the Transfiguration story ends:  when the disciples lifted their faces from the ground and looked up, they saw no one but Jesus.

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