How is it that we can click “Post”, when we have no idea what we’re going to say?  It certainly won’t be anything magniloquent. (Don’t you love that word!)

The Mom is really having difficulty these days with her cold medicine–she’s tried 2 different kinds, that claim to be “nighttime” cold medicine, but they both manage to keep her totally awake all night.  Then when it wears off the next morning, she’s exhausted and sleepy all day!  Last night she even tried taking (mild) sleeping pills as well–to no effect.  She doesn’t think trying without the medicine would work, since then she wouldn’t be able to breathe.  Now she’s contemplating sleeping all day, then getting up to do her grocery list and shopping.  Our store is open 24 hours after all, and it might be interesting to see who shops at 2 o’clock in the morning!

Ah well, she doesn’t feel too bad today, maybe it’s finally going away.

(This post doesn’t even deserve a title!)

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