how bad is it?

(This is sort of further to the previous post.)

When they went out to shovel at 6 am this morning, they had to wade through snow almost up to their knees.  This is after shovelling the first “half” yesterday afternoon!  Later, The Mom became worried about our spruce tree out back.  The snow was piling up so thickly on the branches and not falling off, the thing was actually starting to lean (MORE than the lean it “grew up” with!)  So, on  her way out to get groceries, she decided to try and knock some of it off, with a broom.

Going out the back door was not an option, because of the snow piled against the sliding door–it would get in the tracks as you open it, and present the possibility of not being able to close the door again.  Only problem is, we are not the end unit on this row of (street) townhouses–our next door neighbour is.  That wouldn’t be a problem except that the neighbour’s gateway to the back door was snowed-closed.  Fortunately, their (new, huge) blue box/garbage pail was standing right against it, so The Mom was able to climb up onto it, and over the fence.  (When the neighbours get home from work, they’ll have the mystery of the footprints to figure out!)

Next issue was banging the tree and getting snow falling in your face.  Not too bad.  Most of the lower branches were cleared, but still some heaviness near the top.  How to reach it?  The Mom decided to try throwing something up there, in hopes of knocking at least some of the snow away.  Must be something in the shed to throw… An empty plant pot seemed light enough to throw high, but maybe heavy enough to knock the snow.

So, now we have a plant plot sitting in the top of our spruce tree.


Oh well, the poor thing does look a little happier after all that, at least!

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