good thing, bad timing?

Today’s “Bad Thing” is kinda mixed-up:  that we had a great idea too late!  The idea being… that we could have spent each day of Lent telling you a story about each of the people who have written in “Together on the Way” (40 different people from our church).  We could have told you about the guy who got married (to the same girl) twice–the first time in the hospital room where her mother lay dying.  We could have told you about the girl who’s family has rejected her because she recognizes Jesus as Messiah.  Or the young lady we knew as a school-age little kid in the children’s ministry years ago, who is now youth leader.  Or another guy who is young enough to not even be in high school yet, but who shares very readily about following Christ.  Everyone has a story!  So what’s good about NOT following that idea?

  • they might not like it
  • or, they might like it too much… (would it be taking the focus off of where it’s supposed to be for this season?)
  • it is possible to degenerate that to “gossip”  (e.g., “so-and-so was married once, but hardly anyone knows it”, etc.)
  • but if we were careful, maybe we could do that next year!
  • then we’d get to read the whole booklet again! :)

Lord, You bring together such an AMAZING variety of people!  Help us to truly appreciate each other, without putting people on pedestals.

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