chapter 11

The Mom & I are doing one of our most favourite things to relax: sit back with a warm afghan (blanket, not dog of course), watch the cold wind howling around the trees and blowing by sun-bright clouds, and purr.  (Well, The Mom is not so good at purring.)  It is a “little Easter” after all–rest day.  That means no lenten activities today.  Which is a good thing, because there was a special pot-luck lunch to say good bye to another long-time staff member of our church–lots of delicious goodies to tempt.  (She wrote the very first of our articles in “Together on the Way”.)

Actually, there was a sort of “lenten activity”, though… an interview with the artist for our famous little booklet.  She simply explained how she came to paint the valley scene–with much encouragement, prayer, and the theme of “Jesus, Light of the World”.

And of course, The Mom is sighing again.  It wasn’t Rob this time, though even when he’s not preaching, his talent is coming through on the way he organizes things and the ideas he comes up with.  Another good speaker we have is a young father who has just finished his courses, and hopes to be a pastor somewhere. *sigh again*  The Mom would be SO happy if we could have a tribunal of people being the “lead pastor” of our church:  Rob, Dave, plus our Children’s Pastor (who tells children’s stories that the adults “drink in” greedily).  But of course, that “would not work”, so They say.  Ah well. 

Yeah, the sermon.  It was great, as usual!  We never really do justice to them here; today we’ll just pick out a couple of points.  To match the booklet, our church is doing a series on the Gospel of John, starting with chapter 11.  (The Mom forgot to tease Dave that she noticed he mentioned a tiny quote from Harry Potter–about the Last Enemy being death… or was that a quote in Harry Potter from somewhere else?)

We thought it was fascinating to realize that the purpose of Lazarus being raised (at least in part), was:  Jesus’ death on the cross.  It was that event which was like “the last straw” for the Pharisees, and ultimately ended up in the Crucifixion.  But Jesus’ authority is really displayed here:

  • He tells Mary & Martha “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”
  • He comes not to FIX the problem, but to OVERCOME it
  • His words “in a loud voice”, to “Come out!” was the same authority that said:  “Let there be Light!” (see John chapter 1)

And of course, who could argue when the dead man comes out of the grave, walking.  Even so, some did.  The ensuing uproar was so great, they feared the Romans would for sure come and take away their temple (which they did, eventually).  They were unwilling to exchange their temple for The Temple–the one that would be “torn down”, and raised again in three days.

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