wake up call?

I wonder how many of you ever get a “wind chill warning” in your weather report?  Yep, we’re Canadian!  The wind chill today is -30 C, which is -20 F.  Minus 20 (Celsius) is where our thermometer is at right now.

So, Bad Thing #4:  what’s good about cold?  EASY!

  • It’s so nice and warm in here!
  • more reason to drink MORE hot coffee
  • It’s usually a bright sunny day, when it’s this cold (yep!)
  • There’s a perfect excuse not to go OUT.
  • When you do have to go out, it feels so good to get back inside.
  • If you’re feeling groggy, cold can wake you up, even put a brisk purpose into your step!

“Blessed the man, blessed the woman, who listens to me,
awake and ready for me each morning,
and responsive as I start my day’s work.
When you find me, you find life, real life,
to say nothing of GOD’s good pleasure.
But if you wrong me, you damage your very soul;
when you reject me, you’re flirting with death.”
(from Proverbs 8)

Lord, we pray for those who don’t have a warm place, or a place to belong.

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