praying by listing

Everything right here, right now, is copacetic:  the sky brightening from a pink dawn, our “maple sugar” candle to delight the nostrils, etc.  Of course we know that it cannot always be so.  Every once in awhile we need some lessons in the “school of faith”:  suffering.  Even if it’s just a bad cold!

Many “bad things” are rather similar in what’s good about them–for example, making you appreciate the opposite (like yesterday’s warmth vs the cold outside); making you realize your need for God, enjoy the help of others, etc.  Today we feel like making our list a little different.  Thinking of suffering and sickness, we just want to list those we know who are suffering, as a form of prayer.  And you’ll see that some of them are praise!

  • One of the people who worked with us on The Booklet (a young mom), had thrown everyone into a panic by having clots in her leg–this morning we’ve heard that the clots are now completely dissolved–praise God!!
  • Pappy was in a lot of pain a few days ago and we were so afraid he was having more kidney stones; but the pain stopped on the way to the hospital, (he’s now on medication, etc.) and so far we haven’t heard of it coming back–more praise!!
  • A friend from church has been in hospital since before Christmas with intestinal difficulties; his spirits lifting and falling every week, the doctors having difficulty figuring out the problem–we refuse to stop praying for him.
  • Another young mom has had breast cancer surgery, and is now going through chemotherapy.  (Our Mom is so tickled that her little 5-yr. old greets her with a hug every Sunday in the coat-room!)
  • There are at least 3 seniors that we remember with affection, who used to love being at church but are no longer able to come out.
  • Our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering unspeakable things in faraway places–may they know we are thinking of them.
  • Those here on our “doorstep”, who need to know God’s love shown by persistent patience–especially in practical ways (forgive 70 times 7; forgive by helping again and again, by helping when they don’t appreciate it, etc.) 

Thank You God, that You see each tear, and hear every moan. And that someday, You will wipe every tear away.

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