What’s good about last night?

First of course, you need to know why last night is Bad Thing #6:

  • Even though The Mom was able to leave her volunteer work at Alpha early at 8:30, and the traffic seemed to be less than during the day, they did not arrive at Sam’s rez until 10:30–twice as long as it takes during the day (at night it’s a 20-min. drive).
  • The Mom discovered that the Car Sickness she was “born with”, can still flare up–when you’re crawling along, and smelling gas fumes from so many vehicles.
  • Watching the cars in front of her, many of whom didn’t have our benefit of 4WD, added to the dizziness.
  • Stopping for gas near the beginning made us endure the freezing wind, and then the temperature rise of 8 degrees was another “dizzying” factor! (“Is the world turning upside down???”)
  • The snow piling up on the “freeway” was so bad, that even our vehicle “swam” a little, once.
  • The Dad had to eat early because of the volunteering, so was getting hungry.
  • The Don Valley Parkway (more affectionately known as “The Don Valley Parking Lot”), CLOSED while we were on it!!
  • Not arriving home until 12:30, no one felt like getting up this morning, even when they slept in until after 7.
  • The Mom is STILL feeling tired and slightly dizzy!

What’s good:

  • The Student is now home for about TWELVE DAYS! (Reading Week next week)
  • He has time to do research (in comfort) today before going out on a student-journalistic assignment tomorrow (shadowing someone for a profile-piece:  a funeral-director friend of ours).
  • Thank God for cell phones and 4-wheel drive!
  • The Student was also hungry (this is a wonderful thing), and had recently discovered a nearby place where he can order the wings with no sauce, for the sake of his special diet–and HE ATE ALL TEN! (Proper, healthy weight, here we come!)
  • Thank God also for GPS, and for the fact that we were able to exit the Don Valley before being stuck there FOREVER!
  • At least The Mom doesn’t have TOO much to do today, and maybe can get some rest!

Thank You God, for looking after us in the Storm!

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