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Well… now that we’re finished with the Interruption (Bad Thing #7), and feeling much better today, we’ll continue on our theme from the other day, when we were talking about suffering and sickness.  Just to get a little specific–the sickness we’ve experienced in this house.  We have talked about it before, but just to sum it up and note (again?) what has been good about it.

Our Boy (“The Student”), has been on “special diets” for 2 years now.  (Only TWO years?  Seems like 5!!)  It started with one of those 3-week “cleansing diets”, since he was sick of being sick all the time (morning nausea) and was desperate to do something about it.  How many years ago did that sickness first start?  It was the year we had to cancel a vacation to Nanny & Pappy’s, though The Mom went by herself just for the weekend.  It did eventually go away, but kept coming back off and on.

Through that cleansing diet, we “discovered” he had an intolerance to wheat–Diet #2:  gluten-free.  Just when The Mom got everything changed around and cupboards stocked with various non-wheat flours, new recipes, etc., he got so sick that nothing would stay in his stomach.  He actually couldn’t eat for days on end, and it was very scary.  Finally, about a year ago, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (supposedly “mild”), and put on these huge pills that he could hardly swallow.  Eventually we discovered this special diet for intestinal problems, the doctor gave the go-ahead… and it’s working!!  This diet has the potential to actually heal the Crohn’s after a year, so–come summertime, we’ll see!

So what’s been good about all this?

  • We now own a bread-maker, since we needed it to make gluten-free bread; plus new containers, and various other implements.
  • We’ve tried many new recipes, and new foods!
  • We’ve learned that it really is possible to “step away” from a “mess”, and accept things in an eternal perspective (translate:  realize what REALLY matters).
  • Sam is now healthier than he’s ever been–no colds (well–maybe ONE), no flus, etc.; no meds, and NO SYMPTOMS of disease!

Thank You for helping us to trust You Lord, when we didn’t know what was going to be.

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