fill the well

This morning was one of those true-story-testimonials that is hard to find words for.  Our speaker talked about their 3-yr. old daughter as a great example of the Christian life:

  • Worship–she was always saying “Mommy, sing to me?”
  • Prayer–she often said “Pray about so & so…”
  • Visitation/Community–she loved to visit people, and was accepting of strangers
  • Rest–she contracted leukemia, and near the end of her very short life, she needed lots of rest…. the root word of “rest is “vacate”.  Rather than just a passive rest, we need to “vacate”–move over and let God have control, trust that He IS in control.

This couple were missionaries in a dry desert-like country, and had tried often to grow a little garden, with no success.  One of the things they brought from Canada to try, was a packet of petunia seeds.  However, one of their little ones got hold of it when they weren’t looking, and dumped the whole packet in one tiny spot.  They waited anyway, to see if anything would grow.  One single plant did come up.  They decided to count the blooms on that one plant… they had to stop after 150… on ONE plant!  The particular message of a seed having to die to produce “a hundred-fold”, became rather meaningful for them when their daughter died, only 4 days after being diagnosed with her disease.

The Mom concentrated on not becoming teary-eyed during this story, but lost the battle a little when she realized one particular fact:  she would have been the same age as Sam.

A key point in all of this came in the comment of someone close to this couple at the time:  “The well of your relationship [with God] must run deep”.  As was pointed out, “water is secured in the rainy season”.  Fill yourself up with God’s spiritual provision in your “rainy season”, so that when your desert-days come, you’ll have a “well” to draw from!

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