mmm, what could be better than Rice Krispie Squares?

Yesterday’s children’s story works right in to our theme, “like a glove”.  You see, they had planned a “snow-fun day” yesterday, for the Sunday-school kids.  (This started last year, when one of the kids said “why can’t we just have fun–why do we have to learn something?”  Our Children’s Pastor decided he was quite right.  In fact, “having fun” is actually a way of worship–of enjoying what God has given.)

Anyway, for their Snow Day yesterday, they were missing the sine qua non:  weather.  There was lots of snow out there, but–POURING RAIN!  (And to show you just how much snow we had–there’s STILL lots out there, after all that rain!)  Needless to say, the kids were rather disappointed.  But to illustrate the point that God “often” has something better in mind when plans have been disrupted (actually, it’s “always”, not “often”–but sometimes we just never see how it’s better), the children had a “Marshmallow-Fun” day instead!  They played games with marshmallows, crafted with them, baked with them (baked with different ones than they played with, of course!)

So what’s good about Bad Weather?  God uses it to work His better plan!

Help us to trust You Lord, no matter how long it takes for us to see the happy ending.

And while we’re talking about snow, here’s a picture that makes it quite clear why The Mom had to rescue that poor, burdened-down tree the other day, though the photo itself is not that clear.  (Btw–the plant pot she threw at the top branches has now fallen out.)

Before-picture, taken through the window.

This just after the Rescue, and you can still see the LEAN.  The tree is much straighter and happier-looking today.  The plant pot is sitting up there just behind that one still-snowy branch.  (Who cares what the neighbours think, we tried!)

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