just wait

This morning we have been thinking about a church friend who has been so sick for so. long.  He begins to feel better, eats a little, and is sick again. We’ve been praying and praying for him.

It brings to mind various “waitings”…

  • waiting to feel better, of course
  • When you can’t sleep, the night seems sooo looong (ever experienced that?)
  • waiting for the Diet to be over!
  • We’ve been waiting for almost a year and a half for a new Lead Pastor.
  • waiting for kids to “get it”
  • This seems like such a long winter, a long Lent.

The Children of Israel had been waiting for God to rescue them for 400 years, and right away they start to complain:  “We would have been better to die in Egypt in our slavery!”  They just couldn’t see “the big picture”, it felt like God was not even there, let alone working.

You know what’s good about waiting, of course, besides learning patience.  Food never tastes as good as when you’re hungry.  Just remind yourself of one of our favourite “sayings” for this time of year:  you cannot stop the Spring from coming; one day it WILL be warm again!

Lord, thank You for insisting on a “no, wait” answer, rather than giving in to our every whim!

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