weakness, little ones, and grandparents…

OK, we’re on Bad Thing #15–yes, believe it or not!  And that’s not counting the Sundays, since every Sunday is a “little Easter”! 

We just want to match today’s to a nice verse we have, and then share something else.  What’s good about weakness?  Like everything else, it makes you depend on God:  “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73:26–NIV!)

Now on to another quote from January’s Focus on the Family magazine.  This particular issue was SO good, The Mom has the corner turned down on about every second page! (Btw, you can order this magazine FREE–we just have the Canadian web address, but I’m sure a search on Google will get you there eventually).

This particular article talks about the valuable thing that grandparents (or other relatives) give to parents of small ones, especially when they feel the cares and toils of looking after, teaching, cleaning up after, etc., those babies (**we’ve changed the names/terms to make it personal to us**):

“It is an incredible gift for grown children to see their offspring through the eyes of a love-struck grandparent or relative. When Nanny’s face lights up the instant Jasmine toddles through the front door, it helps Crystal remember why she became a mother in the first place.  When Pappy values playing with Dylan more than watching a hockey game, it helps Michel renew his commitment to be a good father.  When grandparents regard little ones with awe and wonder, they bless two [or three] generations at once.”

O God, what an AMAZING gift You give us, in the form of children–and grandparents!!

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