how we love to act… “young”!

Today we’ll sort of stretch things just a little, and The Mom feels she’s allowed–since the first thing she wants to stretch is how old she is as of today; she wants to switch the digits around and say she’s 15!

The “bad thing” she did was to put off and put off checking out a link Sam had sent her, until yesterday.  It worked out for good, because what better day to start on a Walk to Rivendell, than today?  That’s only the first “leg of the journey”; the whole story from LOTR is in charts, so that you can see exactly where you are in the story, as you keep track of how far you walk.  Most people on our flist are fast readers, so probably don’t “do” Lord of the Rings… but it’s a story that involves a lot of travelling–mostly walking.  The Mom loves these charts  just to see the list of what they did each day, but even more fun to use it for a fitness goal!  Of course, so far she only walks about a mile each day (at the most), and it’s 458 miles to Rivendell–so in a few years she may finish all the distances!  Anyway, she says her Boy unintentionally gave her a “birthday present”!

Speaking of boys and presents… this coming year will hopefully be “calming down” as far as diet stuff, etc., so The Mom was already looking forward to doing some Spring Cleaning.  Her parents gave her something to dream and plan with (besides a couple of jars of Nanny’s homemade herbal cream, and some more maple syrup candy canes):  a book full of “Simple Tips for Turning Your House into a Luxurious Retreat”.  Isn’t that neat?  When the parcel arrived a few days ago, it filled The Mom with sunshine (and her nose with lavender) just to see the arrangement of dried flowers from Nanny’s garden, decorating one of the presents.  It’s amazing that it stayed intact in the mail!

Lord, thank You for blessing us through the talents of others!

So now, to begin the Walk to Rivendell:  At Mile 0, we leave Bag End at full dark (about 7 pm), go around the west end, and jump the hedge.

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