“sermon in shoes…”

It’s rather interesting that we made that comment in our last post: “assuming The Mom will be hearing a sermon…”  We did not know at that time, that she would NOT be hearing a sermon, exactly…

There used to be a children’s chorus, many years ago, that had the line “Do you know O Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes..”  This speaks of seeing a sermon, which is rather what happened today; plus, the mention of shoes fits as well.  You see, our Children’s Pastor had her turn to “preach” today, and she did it by having a longish children’s story time.

Don’t know what you do at your church, but at ours, as at many others we’ve seen, the children go up to the front of the sanctuary and get told a short little story/demo lesson just before they go out to a program especially for them (“Sunday School”, or “Children’s Church”–we call it “Kidsland”).  Today after the short part, the kindergarten & younger kids did go out as usual, but the rest of them stayed there at the front, where Carol proceeded to expand on the story/lesson of Foot Washing.  She had them sit around the altar table and pretend to be the disciples at the Last Supper, and they acted out the part where Jesus put on a towell and washed the disciples’ feet.  Carol put on the towell and actually did wash their feet.  The whole time she kept talking about how the disciples would have felt, and the lesson Jesus was showing them, plus other interesting little details. (For example–did you know that in those days, most people took OFF their shoes when they went on a long walk, in order to keep them from wearing out?)  She talked about what our feet do, and how we can do foot-washing kinds of things for others, etc.  You know, adults always do love the Children’s Story, so I’m sure EVERYONE was just thrilled that she decided to do things this way!

We always have a Foot Washing service on Maundy Thursday (during Holy Week–the week before Easter), so this was a great opportunity to demonstrate exactly how we do it, and show the adults that there’s nothing to be afraid of!  And of course, to remind them that they can still enjoy the service if they don’t want to get their feet washed.  So, maybe this year we’ll get a few more attending!

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