4 weeks to go!

We’ll try to make it a quick one for today, since we’re late (again!)

OK, this one has been “lurking”:  Bad Thing #18: MORE snow!!  (We’ve had a snow storm involved in one of our “bad things” before, and MAYBE snow, but I don’t think we’ve had MORE snow yet–though we may have felt like using it before!) 

What will we do with MORE snow?  Seriously.  We don’t know where Toronto is going to put it.  Our banks right out front are already HIGH! 

Well, you know it’s good to make sure you’re really, for sure, good and sick and tired of it… then it will feel so. good… when it RAINS!

Remember this?
Ziggy [joining the birds, to ‘cheer on Spring’]:  “Come on Spring, Go Spring, Go Spring!”


“The road to life is a disciplined life;
ignore correction and you’re lost for good.”
(Proverbs 10:17)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve now crossed The Water, on a plank bridge.

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