BY REQUEST: RECIPE for Onion Rings (delicious!)

Heat 1 inch of olive oil to 375 F (’til cold water flicked on it sizzles; or, you can use a candy thermometer. I found the setting had to be constantly adjusted.)  I used a small pot the first time, thinking I’d use less oil, but then I could only cook 1 onion ring at a time!  A deep-sided frying pan works.
Beat together with fork:
2 egg whites + enough water to make 2/3 cup total
1 whole egg

Mix & add:
1 cup almond flour*
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon olive oil

-Onion, cut into rings and dip into mixture with a fork, moving it around until it is mostly covered (home-made ones do not get completely & evenly covered–don’t worry about it!)

-“Cook 2 minutes per side”–(ours took less time).

*Almond flour is very expensive; I believe the person who shared this recipe, simply replaced regular flour with the almond flour, to keep it “legal” for the special diet.  Also, other oils would probably work just as well as olive oil.

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