some things need fire

Seeing the problems that other people’s friends are having, reminds us of problems of friends in our own world.  We’re talking marriage problems.  (The original intention for our Lenten theme was not to get TOO heavy, but we seem to keep finding “heavy” subjects!)

Stretch your memory back to last summer… a friend of ours was having serious, serious trouble with her husband.  Another friend of the wife “caused trouble”–and ended up losing a friendship.  She was going through her own very difficult time, but did what she felt she had to do.  As a result, everything seemed, well, terribly “broken” for months and months.

Was that friendship sacrificed for nothing?  We don’t think so.  Because of what she did, that couple has been receiving very specialized marriage counselling–something they never would have done on their own.  And The Mom has seen evidence that the counselling is beginning to work.

Thank You Lord, for the promise of shining gold, that comes out of the fire.

Walk to Rivendell: We have now crossed the Great Road.

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