“Happy Birthday Patches”…. and GRAMMAR

Last night at Club House (the midweek children’s ministry The Mom coordinates), word had got round that she’d had a birthday last weekend (no kidding!)  Now, it happened that half the kids were at the church, and half the kids were at the (rented) gym, and The Mom had to go to both places because she was doing testing/awarding for the A to Z Memory Verse Challenge (they’re working on memorizing a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet–up to ‘R’ so far!)  So, after the Opening session at the church, someone said “wait Patches–we have something for you!”  Then they brought out these huge cupcakes, with a candle; The Mom says she wishes she had a camera, the icing decorating was in such beautiful colours.  (OH–“Patches” is her nickname at Club.)

OK, so then she headed off to the gym, and many minutes later, after all the testing and she was finally getting ready to go… “Wait Patches–we have something for you!”  “You do?  But we just did this!”  Firmly:  “We’re doing it AGAIN!”  … same wish for a camera! :D :D  The Mom can’t decide what her favourite part was–the littlest guy saying at the end, without prompting “Happy Birthday Patches”, OR…

She’d actually been chuckling to herself all day, because, well… she has this email list for her Club leaders, and one of the names is the only leader who does not have email–so she uses her own email address for that name, so that she’ll get the note back and remember to print it out for that lady.  Well, it seems the other leaders don’t didn’t realize this, so when they hit “reply all” and took away The Mom’s name so she wouldn’t see what they were discussing, they failed to take away the other name with The Mom’s email address!  She swears she closed & deleted the email as soon as she realized she wasn’t supposed to be reading it! :D

Now for what we’re supposed to be talking about:  we have the PERFECT example today!!!  What’s good about failing a grammar test by point 2 per cent?  You study some more, and pass it by a MUCH BETTER mark the second time!  YAY!! 83%!!  (Our Student is required to pass this test, for his Bachelor of Journalism.)

Help us to trust You Lord, when things don’t work out as clearly.

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