(psst! V – E – T day!)

Well, The Student passed his grammar test, The Dad passed his sugar test (not having brown sugar on your cereal every morning helped!), The Mom is wondering what test she can pass.  Maybe the “waiting test”–waiting for April, to start adding things back into Sam’s diet!  She’s been reading that nice little decorating-book Nanny & Pappy got her for her birthday, and it’s been getting her dreaming, of having time/energy to do those little extras….

Actually, yesterday she even got the ambition to do a job that’s been on the list for awhile:  paint her little wicker laundry hamper!  And she’s dreaming about attaching some smelly lavender to it, and…… yes, the summer will come!

Today I’m seeing a certain thing upstairs here, that only comes up once a year (a cage!), and it rings a bell for me that isn’t quite clear… will I have a test to pass today?  There’s a blur in my mind of going outside… being in a noisy car… a needle?  Mee-yowl!  What could be good about that!?

*HUGE sigh!*  Why do things that are good for your health, always have to be so… BAD??

Help us to trust You, God, when we don’t feel like it!

Walk to Rivendell:  We have now entered Tookland.

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