Oh no, she wants to do this again!  It’s kinda “bad” to make a list of complaining-things, but… it does get it off your chest!

OK The Mom, “let go”!

My “Oh Bother” List:

  • There’s no HONEY!
  • It was such a mild day yesterday, and I never got out for a walk.
  • Never even got on the treadmill–it’s going to take 2,000 days to get to Rivendell! I’ll have to get a pedometer, so I can count all my errand-running steps.
  • Rej dragged me out to Montana’s, when what I really wanted to do was stay at home and order pizza. (Why do I see myself as a martyr, instead of a cranky child not getting her own way?)
  • I ate DECADENT deep-fried cheesecake, and it’s still Lent! (But it’s not the same as cake, which is what I gave up.)  At least I only had half of it.
  • I don’t like the responsibility of making all the decisions at Club (the kids’ ministry)… I can do all the jobs, it’s just decision-making (about things like service projects)–I want the leaders to say “Yeah, let’s do that”, instead of just following along with whatever I say!  (ONE lady ALWAYS has enthusiastic suggestions–thank God for that!)  But most of the leaders have “real” jobs, too…
  • It’s time to start working on that new Stupid White Computer… now, why do you think the apple has a BITE out of it? Huh? WHO is it that MADE us bite the apple–the very, very first time?  Have you heard that scripture about the Devil walking around as an “angel of LIGHT” (white)?  :P
  • We didn’t have supper til 7 pm last night, and my schedule is all disrupted!
  • Why do I have to drag myself out of bed at 6 am 5 days a week, and this morning I’m wide awake at FIVE!?

GOOD NEWS:  the taxes are DONE!!! Yay!

Thanks Boss.

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