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Great sermon today, as usual (we’re so spoiled!)  Dave gave us a good overview of chapters 14 and 15 of John; or at least the part that is enclosed on either side with the command: “Love one another”.  He went over the questions of 3/4 of the disciples (one wasn’t actually a question), and Jesus’ answers.

  • Why can’t we go with you? (Peter)
  • How can we know the way–we don’t even know where You’re going? (Thomas)
  • Show us the Father, and that’ll be enough. (Philip)
  • Why do you reveal the truth to us, and not to the world? (Judas Not-Iscariot)

Though some of these questions could be annoying, especially realizing that He had to keep repeating Himself in the answers, it seems to me that Jesus didn’t really consider the actual question so much as what was really bothering the disciples–the fact that He was leaving.  As Dave pointed out, they had given up all–leaving their nets meant much more than we might be able to understand–and now He was leaving them?  Again and again, He answered with a promise: of the Holy Spirit & peace, that He’s preparing a place and will return to get them, that because He is going, they will be able to do even greater works than He has done (“greater” meaning “larger”–reaching more people, as Dave explained), etc.  And He keeps coming back to the promise of the Holy Spirit.  And you know things are important when you see how often Jesus repeats them.  Repetition is a valuable tool for learning/teaching.

A couple of other interesting things mentioned (not necessarily related): 

  • we tend to want to soften the command to love, by saying we can love someone without “liking” them;
  • the Israelites were to be a light to the nations, and instead ended up following the nations;
  • “you become what you worship”–they worshiped idols, and became “deaf and dumb” to truth.

Walk to Rivendell:  we are now looking back at the lights of Hobbiton, from the first slopes of Green Hill Country.

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