Man, things are weird around here!  No sooner had I gotten over my trip to the–*grimace*–vet… (that was the day we were talking about tests, and the doc just happened to say that I get “straight A’s”!); now the whole living room is disrupted–worse than when the Christmas tree comes up (in fact, where are they going to put the tree next year?)

Amazing how a new wide-screen TV can change things!  The Mom has for many years avoided making a TV the centre of a room, but now “tv” means so much more than it used to.  People in this family watch TV in the normal sense about once every 2 years, but–they will now be using it to watch home-made videos, photos, screen savers, etc.  Actually, to try out the new screen, they did start on a movie the other night… and couldn’t stick it out (who wants to watch men kissing each other?)

Anyway, I think I’m getting used to the new arrangement here.  The Mom is happy to have my stool closer to her; hopefully our Student won’t be too upset/lost when he comes home for the weekend!

The GOOD thing about all this, is that The Mom has had to sort through & reorganize her pile of “stuff”, in order to keep her snuggery-corner snug!

Thanks Boss, for giving the ‘push’ when it’s needed!

Walk to Rivendell:  Continuing in Green Hill Country, Hobbiton is now hidden as the slopes rise and fall.

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