“talk nice”

Actually he’s peeking out here, but today he is totally covered, with more coming!

Well… everything is pure and white out there again–pretty! (Don’t hit me!)  AND:  it’s supposed to snow EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!  But, we are not going to talk about it… (oops!!)

What’s more interesting, is our “child of the times”.  One of our friends shared an article the other day, about the English language and political correctness, etc. (all this “he/she” stuff), and The Mom sent the link to The Student.  She thought the article was well-written and was cheering the author, along with a few others (all female, btw).  She thought Sam would also enjoy it, being a student of that English Language.  Well, what he’s also a student of, is that Political Correctness…

It’s not the first time she’s gotten “into it” with him, of course–and this time she didn’t actually hold up her end of the argument that much (at least email helps a _little better than being in person, to keep you from snapping back!)  What The Mom always comes back to realizing in these disagreements, is her son’s underlying principles:  the reason he’s enraged, is because he’s feeling for the other person.  In other words (for example), he feels deeply offended for women, when writers don’t use politically correct language (his/her).  No matter that we females don’t feel it (I suppose he would say that we’ve been oppressed into thinking it’s OK to be treated like that.)  And he is always very, very sensitive to any sort of racial connotation, etc. 

He did make a good point, that the language should say what you mean.

Anyway, it’s kinda funny how The Mom always feels frustrated trying to argue with him, and ends up wanting to say “I love you”!

Help us Lord, to be as lovingly sensitive to others in what we say.

Walk to Rivendell: We are presently walking in a birch grove.

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