did you miss us?

So… you survived without us, didn’t you?  The world didn’t fall apart because we didn’t post for one day?  Of course not! :P

I also survived, hiding in the bedroom, and after 24 hours–The Mom was so happy to see me again!  Just like they were happy to see The Dad’s sister & her husband (the reason I was hiding), who arrived just ahead of the storm on Saturday.  Uncle Ian was able to help shovel out yesterday, so that was good!  The Mom was so amazed she must have taken about 20 pictures of the snow, which she’ll probably put up on facebook later.

Not seeing people for awhile is always good for the appreciation.  Gabby always seems amazed at how grown-up The Mom has become… how she’s able to be Hostess without feeling all hard-worked and tired out!  The Student appreciates coming home after a couple of weeks, and then appreciates getting back to rez again to see his friends!  He seemed to have a good time at a Time Going Forward Party this weekend, but may not be particularly excited about coming home this week–since it’s for a Dentist Appointment.

Thank You for family and friends.

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