when you just can’t…

The Mom is thinking “The good thing about staying up late and being really tired the next day, is that I get to nap with a purring cat!”  You may be saying “nice for you that you can–some people have to work!”  (She does have to get out and shovel again, then vacuum and scrub the wood floor today.)  But when you  become sick enough that you can’t work…

Then you are forced to stop and ask  “How much does it really matter?”  In fact, we were thankful for someone’s “sickness” the other day!  This lady is one of those EXTREMELY busy people, and suddenly ended up in the hospital getting her appendix out.  You see, God knew she needed to rest, and this was likely the only way she would stop!

Now, we must point out that we don’t mean to be giving a “pat answer” for everything.  Our “answers” here are only suggestions.  Some things we will never know of course, until That Day.

Lord, help us to trust You even when there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

Walk to Rivendell:  We are now walking through a deeply cloven track between tall trees, and have begun to sing.

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