Exciting things!

  • In the foreseeable forecast, only ONE day will have a high below zero Celsius!
  • The Mom has finished a WHOLE DAY of travel toward Rivendell (forgot to post yesterday’s walk, but updated it later.)
  • Time to plan some treats for next weekend:  honey-spiral ham, lemon-meringue pie (“Easter-colour pie”), homemade frozen yogurt, homemade honey-sweetened chocolate sauce for the frozen yogurt! (This, chocolate, will be a FIRST-ILLEGAL-in-10 months for Sam’s diet!!!!)
  • His Easter treat (don’t tell!) will be the same peanut butter-date sugar candy-cookies he enjoyed at Christmas time, with a very FEW of them having pure, organic, chocolate powder added.
  • In FOUR WEEKS, it’ll be time to start slooowwly adding/trying a “normal” diet again, for him!

Good thing there’s all that to keep The Mom cheerful, after discovering that one day of hobbit travel has ended in her gaining TWO pounds!  You know how those hobbits just love their food…  Ah well, she says it just helps to keep her humble.

Help us Lord, not to get too caught up in things that don’t have so much importance.

Walk to Rivendell:  We have now travelled 18 miles, since 7 pm this evening; and will make our first camp in this firwood just over the top of the hill, sleeping by a large tree.

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