spring things

Don’t know why we’re thinking about “love-story type” things this morning… (maybe the Spring-in-the-air)–

It may seem just a little difficult when you have a strong desire to have a serious relationship with someone, yet you must continue to keep it on a level of “just friends”.  However, this is actually the very best way to make that a very meaningful, deep relationship:  start with being good friends, graduate to being really good friends, and then on to even better friends… Any struggle will be something that truly refines and grows that friendship.

DISCLAIMER:  No one has put this into our heads–it’s all our OWN idea.

Thank You Lord, for good friends.

Sign of Spring:  the Mom had to put the blinds down on the window beside her, because of the morning sun!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve taken our time this morning, and after breakfast and getting water from a stream at the foot of the hill, we’re on our way again, by 10 a.m.

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