9 months

Waiting.  It seems to come up so very often in our lives–something that generally seems like a “bad” thing at the time, even though we know it’s good.

Of course, the 9 months of waiting for a baby to be born always seems longer for a mom in the last few weeks; but what we want to be specific about today, is one particular young mom at our church, and how she made everyone ELSE wait!  She was the ONLY one who knew what sex the baby was going to be, since the dad didn’t want to know ahead of time.  It must have been hard to keep that sort of secret!

The Mom is truly torn & undecided about whether or not she would want to know… when her baby was ultrasounded 20 years ago, they weren’t quite at the point of predicting the gender.  At the time (when it was possible), she thought it would be good to know early & love it that much more before it’s born.  But in recent years, she’s had cause to think otherwise, from a couple of different births.

You see, after that long waiting and wondering, what a wonderful surprise:  IT’S A GIRL!! (First, from her niece over a year ago, then on Saturday from one of her Club leaders–both baby girls have older brothers.)

Sheesh, you’d think she was the grandmother or something, The Mom is so emotional about everything, at least for the first few hours!

Thank You Lord, for the spiritual Family You have placed us in.

Walk to Rivendell:  I generally do about 1 1/2 – 1 1/4 miles each day, so it takes quite a few days to do one hobbit “day”.  The first evening the hobbits walked 18 miles, but this second day of walking (“Sept. 24”) will be 28 miles!  It means that there are a lot of short-term goals, and the goal is not to finish by a certain day–but just to finish the “day”!  So… the road continues to roll up and down (for 10 miles!)

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