who is in control?

The Cardinal brought up the sun again this morning!  It seems especially wonderful because of all that snow still on the ground out there; which looks pretty “sweaty” today though, and it’s supposed to rain later.

We have another “waiting thing” this morning, which is similar to yesterday in a second way:  The Mom had to wait FIVE YEARS for her “9 months”!  But what IF The Boy had been born 5 years earlier?

  • perhaps his parents would not have been as “mature/ready”–both in themselves and in their relationship;
  • don’t know how long the semi-integrated primary school program had been going on before he got there for grade 1, but certainly it must have at least been refined & improved over 5 years (a separate class for the braille-learners, integrated as much as possible for other subjects);
  • technology definitely changes a lot in 5 years–and there would not have been all the computer things available that he has today (talking computer software, talking phones which also record interviews, etc., etc.)

Now, SWITCH…  last Sunday.

Our church does quite a few little things to help us act out Jesus’ passion, and resurrection.  Drama can be good, you know, since it helps to remind you of the significance of things–especially something that you’ve just known for so long.  On Palm Sunday, we always have the children do the parade thing, waving palms, etc, and the adults get palms as well, to use in praise time.  Then at the end of the service, after a reminder about the services every evening this week (“Holy Week”), a couple of the young people quietly drag a cross down the aisle, set it up and pound a couple of nails at the base.  Then, in the silence, the pastor gets up to leave, and everyone else follows his example (“silent dismissal”).

Somewhere in the scheme of things, the past few years we’ve had some responsive reading that ends off with everyone saying some particular words… The Mom knew it was coming sometime, so was surprised when it came time and she just could not get the words out:  “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”  Because everyone is guilty.  He chose to submit, for that reason.

Lord, the power You displayed by submitting to such persecution and suffering–all for my sake!  Thank You for not letting me forget the wonder and amazement of it!

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