when someone else has to do it, they/we discover how well they can!

The theme of “waiting” has got us on a roll, here!  Another specific one that we have mentioned before, is the waiting time our church is experiencing, with “no pastor”.  “No pastor” is in quotes, because actually there have been some very capable people looking after us, this last year and half–one in particular.  Rob is not even ordained yet, but he’s been doing an excellent job of pastoring us–that’s besides his excellent sermons! (He was the assistant/student pastor before our lead pastor left.) So this has probably been a good opportunity for him to hone his skills, and for others in their speaking-skills as well.  We have a feeling that various people have stepped forward to do certain things, knowing there isn’t a pastor to do it–and hopefully those people are learning that they could continue to do some of those things rather than leaving everything up to the pastor!

Thank You Lord, for supplying talent and ability where and when it’s needed.

Walk to Rivendell:  The road continues to roll up and down, but persistence pays off–there are only a few miles left to go on this particular stretch!

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