not only to die, but to suffer

Jesus came not only to die, but He actually had to suffer.  This is what The Mom argued when people were saying that The Passion (movie) was too… “gory”.  Because so many people have suffered so. much.  Christ took our sufferings on Himself.

The pieces in the Lenten devotional booklet which we’re reading lately, are authored by The Mom, and her son.  Speaking of mother-son relationships (and further to the The Mom’s piece)… she is finding it very easy to relate, these past few years, to Mary–and perhaps to Jesus, through her.  After all, it’s easy enough for a mother to often forget (at least momentarily) that her son has any faults (not necessary for Mary, of course).  And, The Student many times seems to his mom, much more intelligent than her; and even sometimes wiser than she.  So–she just has to imagine if her own “innocent”, beautiful son was being beaten, so horrendously, nailed to a tree, lifted up for everyone to watch him die.  And Jesus was conscious of His mother, as you’ll recall (“Woman, behold your son..”).  Part of His anguish must have been sorrow for what she had to endure.  They obviously had a close relationship, you get that from the wedding at Cana, when He said it wasn’t time yet–but she assumed He’d do it anyway (turn the water into wine).

It’s so hard to see our children suffer with simple, everyday sicknesses.  The Mom had a terrible time when her 6-yr. old had his appendectomy.  Imagine Mary…

Why do we do it?  Why do we insist on remembering all this suffering that Jesus faced?  Why do Christians love the Cross, that symbol of such horror?  Because, we’ve come to know that it’s what we deserved.  Deserved, but escaped.

All who gather here
By grace draw near–
And bless Your name!

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