1. Feb 6

ashes, sin

covered, “white as snow”

2.     7th

2 feet of snow

fresh air, exercise, beauty

3.     8th


changes perspective, brings God & others close

4.     9th

a good plan/idea missed

not God’s plan/timing

5.     11th

cold—wind chill of minus 20 C

wakes you up, feels good inside

6.     12th

suffering and sickness

chance to pray and see God work

7.     13th

bad night, big storm

still able to notice lots of good things (could have been worse!)

8.     14th

severe diet

new recipes, new appliances, GREAT health!!

9.     15th


a warning signal, a sign of working to become fit

10.    16th

bad marks

second chance—GOOD marks

11.    18th

sudden change of plans (no snow for a “snow day”)

a BETTER plan (lots of fun with marshmallows)

12.    19th

long waiting

increases appreciation when the wait is over

13.    20th

when best intentions go wrong

you know you need God

14.    21st

when those you love don’t love you back

you must lean on God’s love

15.    22nd

your weakness

God’s strength shows through

16.    23rd

putting off checking out a link

discovering the “birthday gift” of the “Walk to Rivendell” fun

17.    25th

a new White Computer, that isn’t anything like the old one (a whole new system to learn)

learning to sacrifice to make others happy (?) :P

18.    26th

MORE snow!

will make Spring feel SO good!

19.    27th

forced counselling for friends

slow improvement instead of no improvement

20.    28th

failed grammar test

83% the second time!

21.    29th

needles, vets

long life

22. Mar 1

complaining (list)

gets it off your chest

23.     3rd

having to rearrange everything

“spring cleaning” gets done

24.     4th

boundaries, for kids

helps timing of maturity

25.     5th

being politically correct

helps you care about others

26.     6th

sorrow, deep disappointment

beautiful words, songs, etc.

27.     7th

waiting for “nothing” (offc closed)

meeting people during the wait

28.     8th

praising when you don’t feel it

reminder of God’s power

29.    10th

missing people

greater joy in seeing them again

30.    11th

NOT telling a white lie (looks)

there’s better truth (love anyway)

31.    12th

being physically unable to work

resting in more ways than one

32.    13th

not having all the answers

forced to TRUST

33.    14th

gaining weight, personal failings

keeps you humble

34.    15th

putting a hold on romance

relationship growth

35.    17th

waiting to know gender of baby

wonderful surprise

36.    18th

waiting to be pregnant

improvement of technology

37.    19th

waiting for a pastor

others hone their skills

38.    20th

Maundy Thurs

having to look up the spelling of a word

discovering new words–synonyms

39.    21st

Good Friday

Jesus suffered and died

we have fellowship with Someone who can empathize with us in anything we suffer

40.    22nd

not many people showing up

leader not prepared


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