number 40!

The Foot Washing service at our church, on Maundy Thursday, is always such a meaningful time.  Someone washes your feet, you wash someone else’s feet.  It speaks of humility, love.  The Mom’s feet were washed by an older lady she doesn’t know very well, who had such soft hands… such an act brings them close in spite of not knowing each other–they are both in the same “Family”.  She (The Mom), got to wash the feet of a small girl she loves–the only Club kid who showed up.

Which brings us to something that was in danger of really taking away The Mom’s enjoyment of the evening:  the fact that they had cancelled Wednesday just so the kids would come out on Thursday (explaining that they didn’t have to get their feet washed, etc.), and only one out of 25 kids showed up!  Not even any of the leaders came, and even many of the usual adults were missing.  It just seemed sad, for their sake, for what they missed.

However, she began realize a few things.  One, most of the kids would be (dragged out?) to the service the next morning, with their parents.  Second, this is a sort of year where the leaders probably needed the break.  Another thing, a lot of families are away because of March Break the week before.  What she did not realize at the time (because this lady is just so good at it), is that the one leading the service was “winging” it, being unprepared because the guy who was supposed to lead it was in emergency with his sick wife.  So, it’s probably a good thing, for the sake of the unprepared leader, that there weren’t crowds of people, and bouncy kids!

Thank You Lord, that you know best!

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