We knew it would be Rob preaching the Easter Sunday sermon–yay!  John was great for Good Friday, though, since he can go for quite awhile and no one minds too much; and it just seems fitting to make everything looong on Good Friday.  Rob on the other hand, is able to “keep it short” if he has to–and the reason it’s good to have a shorter sermon on  Easter Sunday, is not because of people wanting to get home especially on that day, nor because of that long service they’ve just been to on  Friday, but because there are always a few people sitting in the service on Easter Sunday, who just aren’t used to long sermons! (or sitting in church, period.)

While John is good at using himself as a sort of “bad example”, Rob is good at getting an excellent message into a short sermon!  The Mom has been a little lazy lately, at making notes, but she did write down a couple of things… ones we may have heard before but are well worth noting again.  Some of these things actually come from some quotes of a very ancient sermon…

  • Jesus “destroyed death by enduring it”.
  • The first Easter message: “I have seen the Lord!” (our testimony should be personal).
  • Mary did not recognize Jesus until He spoke her name… He calls each of us by name.
  • Jesus said “Go and tell my brothers… I am going to my Father and your Father…”–the Work now completed, our union with God as His children/brothers & sisters official.
  • The significance of Lazarus being raised from the dead compared to Jesus’ resurrection:  Lazarus’ grave clothes were still wound around him when he came out of the tomb–Jesus’ grave clothes were folded and set aside, because they were not needed anymore.  Lazarus rose to face death again, Jesus accomplished the “undoing of death itself”–alive forevermore!!


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