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You might think from yesterday’s post, that The Mom never uses good ol’ hard print copy anymore–meaning, she doesn’t read by actually turning pages.  In fact, that’s almost true, but…

Her PDA broke AGAIN (it’s so frustrating how much you can spend on something that keeps breaking!), so for her bed-time recreational reading these days, she’s taken out those children’s stories by Nancy Rue–wonderful historical fiction about an 11-yr. old in the time of the Pilgrims and Quakers.  It means she has to reach up and turn the light off when she’s falling asleep, and not loose the bookmark.

The other print copy she uses is not so forced.  It’s something she’s had around for many years, and never quite got through:  a chronological Bible reading plan (from CWR).  This one, unlike the online version, has chapters separated a lot more, which means you’d be constantly flipping back and forth.  What she’s using it for, since it can be matched up to the online list in a general way, is to see the titles of each new section (the organizer in her), and to read the short little thoughts & “key truth” verses that go with each section.  Also interspersed throughout, are charts, maps, lists, diagrams, etc.  Today for example, there’s a list comparing the statistics about Noah’s Ark, and  a chart about the first 11 chapters of Genesis (“Creation, Corruption, Condemnation, Confusion”).

Here are a couple of neat “thoughts” from today’s sections. 

“From the Flood to the Patriarchs… Some regard the genealogies here as dull and uninteresting, but it is a lesson in how God pays attention to details.  He is concerned not only about the general features of your life, but every detail of it.  Remember that the next time you feel God doesn’t care.”

And from the story of Noah:  when God takes you to a flood, He will also take you out of it.

Walk to Rivendell:  The sun is beginning to get low (about 4:30) as we continue, and the road ahead now runs fairly straight and level.

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