The Mom might not have time to post sermon notes today, ’cause they’re going to comfort celebrate with a friend about turning FIFTY!  They even got him 50 gifts:  27 sticks of gum, 20 tea lights (to help with his burnout), plus three other little things (one big fun-bubbles, to make sure he takes time to play!)  In fact, just in case he does come here to read from facebook (doubtful), we’d better not put on a title!

Oh, btw–The Mom isn’t quite THAT crazy:  she did NOT wrap each stick of gum and each candle separately!

However, she was crazy enough to “spend” $6 for a boquet of 5 or 6 daffodils yesterday, plus $4 for a little daffodil lapel pin.  She thought the flowers weren’t worth quite that much, but the pin is quite nice–BUT, it’s going to a good cause, after all (the Cancer Society).  And this morning she DOES think it’s worth it:  the flowers have opened up and give such a wonderful “air of Spring”, which is so lacking in this snow-covered world!  Even though… isn’t April supposed to be Cancer month?  Well, we’re almost there!

I take that back… she is THAT crazy–those 50 gifts are in a wedding gift bag, all pink and with sequins!  Ah well, maybe it’ll give him a smile, anyway!  (The note says “..didn’t want you to think we went to any trouble–just used what we had on hand…”)

Walk to Rivendell:  It’s slower going, since we’re hiking where the grass is thick, and the ground uneven.

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