The Mom is feeling kind of sad, since it hit her this morning that 4 girls she’s known since birth, will be moving into Youth group next year–away from her at the kids’ Club!  Sure, she’ll see them at church on Sundays… but they do seem to “retreat” into a world of their own somehow, when they become Youth.  She’s been one of their leaders for the past couple of years, but long before that she’s enjoyed them in various situations… even used to look after some of them when they were babies…

She’ll get over it.  She’s funny that way–she can be very upset about something, and just a little while later she’s fine.  But if it’s anything like when the neighbour kids (from our church) moved out, it will keep coming back for awhile too.

Never mind, there are exciting things coming up.  Like The Student coming home for the summer, and trying out a “normal” diet!

Craig was speaking yesterday, excellent as usual!  He mentioned again, his “averseness” to books–that there are just too many.  Fiction is one thing, but we are SO in agreement that there are way too many “theological”-type books… Christians get so taken up with them, and think they or their church should have the same experiences and insights that are in the books, but the main thing is that it takes away from them spending time reading The Book!  They’re too busy reading ABOUT the Bible, to read the Bible itself; they don’t seem to realize that God speaks to each of us personally.  A lot of times people take someone else’s personal word for themselves, or vice versa–they think their own personal word should be for everyone else.

Sorry, that was my tangent, Craig only mentioned it in one sentence…

What he did say, is that our obedience must be to God alone; using the quote from Oswald Chambers: “Never let the impact of your obedience to Jesus Christ on others, keep you from following Him.”  Now, I don’t believe he means that you should neglect your family, but if you really know that God is leading you somewhere…  It was interesting to think that in our “raving” about living in community, etc., that it is possible to be idolatrous about it.  Anything can be out of balance, or taken to extreme. 

Always good to have a cautionary word.

Can’t remember how he tied it in, but he actually started with some sad news about a church that has taken the words “Christ the Lord has Risen Today”, and changed it to “Glorious Hope has Risen Today” (oh yeah, this church very highly rates community).  As Craig said, if Christ is NOT risen, we have no reason for “glorious hope”.

OH–did you know that daffodils can smell wonderful?  Sometimes you have to get your nose close, or catch them at the right time (or perhaps certain varieties), but they DO smell!!

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