some days are like that…

Do you ever feel tired of everything?  For example, when you just can’t think of what to eat–you’re just tired of any food you can think of.  Some people I’m sure, get tired of saying the same things every day (yes, even/especially to God–let’s be honest).  The Mom feels tired of all her clothes–likely because winter is stretching out a bit long.  Well, remind yourself of things you are NOT tired of… the Easter Fragrance (lilies), drinking coffee, Jars of Clay songs like “I will sing of Your mercy that leads me through valleys…”

AND–today we ARE going to smell SPRING!! It’s going up to FOURTEEN!!! (can’t see it through the raindrops, but I think it’s something like 60 F).  Still, the lulling sound of raindrops keeps me inside.  Let The Mom get her groceries, I’m thinking it’s a good day for a nap…

Walk to Rivendell:  The Road to Stock goes left, and we’re taking a lane branching off to the right, which winds through a wood of ancient Oak.

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