morning has come

Hey!  We FOUND it–the ground!  In fact, the crocuses are poking through–we knew they would be.  The Mom wanted to shovel away the snow last week, just to find them.  But, what a difference a day or two makes!  Even though yesterday’s “14” celsius never quite came, and the sun was only shining for about 5 minutes.  There is still a small mound of snow on the garden, little bits at the back of our yard, quite a bit in the neighbour’s yard, and everything but pavement is still covered out front, BUT…

And no snow on the deck… soooon… they’ll be opening the door and letting me sneak out once in awhile!

Well–did you think it was going to be winter all year?  Of course not!

The Mom doesn’t have too much to say these days.  Her mind is busy with Sunday’s service project, that the kids’ Club is putting on (they’re baking for a lunch “Cafe” for the church people, to raise money for Habitat for Humanity).

Walk to Rivendell:  Evening is coming on (about 6:30), so we’ll stop to eat and rest.  We’ll crawl inside this large tree… (well, if we keep at it, SOMEDAY we’ll be small like a hobbit, to fit into these places!)

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