new, new, new, new, new…

Whew!  Everything’s been so… upheavaled!

Yesterday.  The Mom took her new computer + her old computer in for “migration”, meaning a data transfer.  They filled out the papers, signed, and then stood waiting for almost an hour for the guy to bring back their copy of the paper!  They couldn’t just leave, with nothing to prove they’d left them there.  In fact, they were very patient and cheerful, thinking maybe the guy was going to finish it while they waited.  No luck–there’s a process to these things.  They ended up having to fill out another whole form, since they couldn’t find the other copy of the paper!

About 4 pm the same day, there was a sudden need to travel downtown, to get a phone that works, out of The Student’s living quarters.  On the way home from there, a call comes through that the computers are indeed ready for pick up.  Seemed like a good idea to re-route and head over to get them.  Trouble is, the traffic was bad in that direction, so that took an hour.

My, stores are busy at that time of night.  Absolutely packed.

So anyway, The Mom is now on her new Apple-Bitten computer!  There are still some things she has to do on the old one, but we’re getting there.  She says there’s quite a list of things that have totally changed/are changing these days, for her:

  • a new TV, which meant a totally new living room setup
  • a new computer
  • a new cell phone (still have to read the paperwork on that!)
  • a new diet/menu coming soon (when The Student is finished his year)
  • a new son:  a completed-one-year-of-university type of son!
  • one volunteer job no longer there (a private service terminated), with hundreds of people saying sad good-byes and heartfelt thank you’s

Another thing that’s been keeping The Mom flusteredly busy, is the kids’ club service project.  That happened this afternoon after church, and went quite well.  Lots of food came in for the Cafe, the kids did a great job serving it out, and providing some entertainment, and a “good time was had by all”.  Plus, the whole purpose of it of course:  we raised $400 for Habitat for Humanity.

Do you wonder that we’re kinda tired out?  BUT…. that did NOT stop people from getting out for a walk in this lovely weather, nor from noticing that the crocuses are opening!  Yay!

Walk to Rivendell: The Elves have arrived–just in time!  The Black rider leaves, and we continue on with the elves.

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