dentist appointment today

Well, believe it or not, here we are, doing MOST of our regular-sort-of stuff from this new thing now (did we say that before?)  And of course, there are lots of things to get mad at, that take awhile to get working the way they’re supposed to!  Ah well, someday it’ll finally all be settled, we hope!

On to much better news–we’ve graduated from yellow buds to purple ones!  (The larger crocuses take longer.)  And of course, the weather is great this week, except for a cool wind.  The Mom is loving the spare moments she takes to just enjoy her window-view… you notice those things when you’re just spending WAY too much time on the computer.  Trouble is, it also makes you feel extremely lethargic (too much computer), have you ever noticed that?

Too bad dental things couldn’t be done by computer…  blah!

Walk to Rivendell: The woods have become more dense and the lane lower, as we continue on under the protection of the elves.

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